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Clarence Local History

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Local History of Clarence, Tasmania, Australia

Clarence is a city located in the southeastern part of Tasmania, Australia. The city is named after Prince William, Duke of Clarence and St Andrews, the third son of King George III. The city covers an area of 394 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 58,000 people.

Early History

The area now known as Clarence was first inhabited by the Indigenous Tasmanian people for thousands of years before the arrival of European settlers. In the early 19th century, British colonists began to settle in the area. The original landowners were the Moomairremener people, a sub-group of the Oyster Bay Tribe.

Development of Clarence

During the 19th century, Clarence developed into a thriving agricultural and industrial hub, with many small farms and factories operating in the region. The city was home to several shipyards and timber mills, which were vital to the local economy.

In the late 1800s, the Tasmanian government established a railway line that connected the city to the capital of Hobart. This allowed for easier transportation of goods and people, and further stimulated economic growth in the area.

Modern-day Clarence

Today, Clarence is a bustling city with a diverse range of industries, including retail, tourism, and healthcare. The city is also home to many parks and natural reserves, which provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and picnicking.

Clarence features several notable landmarks, including the historic Richmond Bridge, which is the oldest bridge in Australia, and the Tasman Bridge, which is a major transportation route connecting Hobart to the eastern shore of Tasmania.

History of in Clarence

Clarence has a rich and storied history that is deeply intertwined with the development of Tasmania as a whole. From its early days as a small agricultural community to its present-day status as a thriving city, Clarence has always been a vital part of Tasmania's history and culture.

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